Frequently Asked Questions

General Cap Care

Can i wash my Caps in the washing Machine or Dishwasher?

Many cap manufacturers advise against this because it can damage the colour and shape. Especially caps with cardboard brims, which can sustain permanent damage from submersion in water.

Can Every Stain Be Cleaned From My Cap?

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee a stain can be fully removed. It comes down to several factors:

1. Number of attempts made to treat the stain in the past (and whether the stain ‘sealed’).

2. Temperature and potency of stain when caused.

3. Amount of time the stain has been sitting.

In every case, your best chance of getting rid of the stain is to act fast.
Fresh stains and dirt are much easier to remove than old ones.

Thankfully, The Cap cleaner spray is designed to clean the most common water and oil-based stains.


How Should I Dry My Cap After Cleaning?

Let your cap air dry in a well-ventilated area after spot cleaning. If you dry it outside, make sure it’s out of direct sunlight and safe from rain, especially for drying wool caps.

When drying, place your cap on a mannequin head or pad the inside with a balled-up towel. Over stuffing can stretch.

If in a rush, you can dry your cap with a hair dryer on cool setting (reminder: cool, never hot) to speed up the process